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Individual Private Sessions
    All private sessions includes video analysis

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     This one-on-one training starts with a breakdown and review of you.  David will discuss your experience, physical limitations, workouts, goals and much more.  By knowing more than just swing improvement, David can put together proper workout exercises, drills for accelerated muscle memory and a stronger mental approach to your game.

         Whether you are a beginner or professional, David will locate the root issue and will discuss with you the cause and effect through video software, specific drills
 needed, developing or changing pre-shot routines, understanding your ball flights, trackman and much more. 

       If you would like more information, please give David a call.  

   "Every Wednesday, for four months we each took an hour lesson with an amazing instructor, Dave Mulso.  He carefully analysis every aspect of your swing.  We have watched him guide the most prudent golfers, to patiently working with us, one step at a time.  We have sent other friends and Vintage members to him.  They all concur, he is terrific!"                                                                                                                    Bob and Dallas, The Vintage Club, Indian Wells, CA.


     1/2 Hour Session                  $85.00 (Member)              $90.00 (Non-Member)

     One Hour Session              $140.00 (Member)            $145.00 (Non-Member)

     Two Hour Session               $285.00 (Member)            $275.00 (Non-Member)


Juniors  (Ages 10-16)

     1/2 Hour Session                 $50.00 (Member)            $55.00 (Non-Member)

       One Hour Session               $75.00 (Member)                $80.00 (Non-Member)

     Two Hour Session             $145.00 (Member)              $155.00 (Non-Member)


Club Fitting

1/2 Hour Session                      $85.00 (Member)                $85.00 (Non-Member)

1 Hour Session                         $140.00 (Member)             $140.00 (Non-Member)

Note:  Full club fitting will take approximately one hour.

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Congratulations to Soran Lim on winning her club championship!!  

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